Outreach to Unexpected Grandma's and Mom's to be

                          'Unmarried and pregnant' - Lutherans can help

     Who can help? Mom's usually do

Recent US Census data shows over 2.5 million Grandmas are resonsible for their children's babies. US Census data  All too often mothers hear their daughter bring home the news "I'm pregnant!" Unwanted pregnancies can be devastating. Which way to turn? When the daughter is not married and still in school the news can cause sadness, anger, guilt, feelings of shame and a lot of "if only's". Hadn't I prayed since she was a little girl that she would marry a godly man? Hadn't I told her since she was a preschooler that first comes love, then comes marriage, then the baby carriage? What about her education and our reputation as a family? Should she stay here or move out? How can we help? We have limits too. Is there a future with the baby's father? How can she possibly support a baby financially? Do we have extra to give?


The news of a new life coming to the family is the beginning of a new and uncharted journey. A journey that needs hand holding, reassurance and also anticipation. Helping Grandma and Grandpa to embrace the new family and house member is something we as Lutherans and Christ's people can do. We can provide an atmosphere so the the new Mom and Grandma will experience much joy as they see Gods blessing in both the journey and the arrival of their precious new family member.


What can we do? The first step is talking with your church and asking which members may be available and interested to help. Ask for volunteers who will spend some time with the Grandma or Mom to be. The second step is preparing to help. What is needed? In many cases the main need is for "Grandma" and "Mom to be" to have another supportive person to talk with that understands. In some cases, legal, and monetary counseling is needed.


One of the main things we can help with is reassurance! Let them know that God loves them. He loves all of them and He loves the newborn on the way. Nothing can ever change that. Remind them how much God loves each one of us, just as we are. He gave up His Son so that we could know Him. The Bible tells the story of God reaching down to us, loving us before we even knew Him, redeeming us from our circumstances, from our own choices and from the things we didn't choose.


There are some things in life that we feel can never be mended again. Grandma's and unmarried Moms will feel this way! But our task is bringing hope. Jesus can bring healing to anything. God gave us his Son Jesus Christ on the cross to die for our sins so that we can be made new again and have a relationship with him.


If this is an outreach that your church wants to do, you will need at least 5 caring and supportive members and a Pastor who will be supportive and caring. If you can involve a young mother who recently went through this in the last 8 yrs, you will have a valuable peer ministry advisor.


Next steps can be a nicely designed but simple postcard size reminder that your church is available and willing to help. List the contact telephone numbers of those who will be the contact persons. Give your email and offer total confidentiality and no strings attached help. Some will want to email or talk by phone only, especially until trust is built. This postcard can be given to doctors, nurses, high school teachers, principal's and pregnancy centers. Be creative. Ask your youth to tell their friends. God's faithfulness encourages us all as we look to the future.