Join "Doubters Anonymous"

Join "Doubters Anonymous" at First Lutheranthe church sign read. Or, how about displaying a message on your web site stating that 'doubters are welcome'. Add a link to a page that allows people with questions to express those doubts, like Thomas did. Or, you can host a "Doubters Anonymous Sunday" where your members will invite relatives, neighbors, and friends who have expressed doubt or want more clarification about Christianity.

If you send out this kind of invitation, chances are you have an  authentic love for people who have genuine questions and doubts about church, God, or religion. This kind of message communicates that it is okay to ask these questions at your church. You understand doubt can be like a fog that keeps the "Son" from shining in their life.

Publicly welcoming doubters and those in spiritual darkness also helps members focus their Bible study, small group discussions, and  prayer life. It sends the subtle, but intentional mission message that we want to go out and show love to "those who do not know or understand".

You may wish to encourage doubters to email or text message questions. You might want to encourage them to visit, and you promise to listen and be sympathetic. Sometimes doubters main issues are with Pastors or church members. For these doubters, its our chance to be loving, caring, and genuine in pointing to Jesus rather than ourselves.

Your key objective is to communicate, in a positive and sensitive manner, that everyone (yes, even doubters) are welcome. When they know they can ask questions and deal with doubts your church doors suddenly open to twice their normal size.