How can churches best care for their students going off to the university?

How can churches best care for their students going off to the university?

Parents, pastors and relatives, now is your chance to make a difference for your college students. This month, almost 2 million first-year students will begin making plans to move to university campuses around the country. They join about 18 million other university classmates. A short email or call to let the local campus minister know the students name and cell number is all it takes. 

Lutheran Campus Mission Association (LCMA) has made it easy for pastors or parents to make this referral with its web tool - StudentConnect. Student connect is very simple and takes only a few minutes. LCMA will handle the referrals from StudentConnect and make sure the local campus ministry or pastor will welcome the student.

Some congregations try to hold on to the relationship with their students rather refer them to the Lutheran campus ministry or congregation where the student will spend the next 4 years. Reminding the student that they are missed and still part of their home congregation is fine if the home congregation also does their best to link their student with a congregation near their university.

Without someone inviting the student when they arrive at campus, less than 20% of those students who were active Christians in High School, will seek out a campus ministry while in school. But when invited by a local campus minister, most will consider attending. Now is the perfect time to send the name & contact info of the college students you know to the campus minister in the city where they attend.

Here are some links that will help you connect to campus ministries. Please provide enough information so that a campus pastor or ministry worker can personally contact and invite the student.

  If these links do not lead you to campus ministries in the towns where your student is loctated, please use the following link to find a congregation in that city and email or call and ask the Pastor to help you.

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