Guest info cards that allow for follow up

EASTER — is just days away. On Easter more people attend church than any other day of the year. For example, Christian researcher Thom Rainer writes in Surprising Insights from the Unchurched that up to 12% of atheists and agnostics say they attend a church during Easter.

Will your church be ready to connect with those who need to know Jesus? There’s still time to add a tool to better follow up and connect with guests who will come to visit your church. We offer a new free, printable, welcome card to help you better connect with guests who appear at your church this Easter. (View card) This info card is designed to make a guest's experience a little easier. It allows them to only ask for the help and follow up they want.

 I think the real value of this kind of a card, is that it lets people know that some of these things are possibilities. You will be offering ideas to the visitor that they may have never considered. ie. They may have a child who needs baptism. The fact they are in your church and hear the Word may move them to take the next step.

The new card treats new people as 'guests' rather than 'visitors'. Calling them visitors labels them "outsiders'! The info card encourages guests to choose possibilties for follow-up that best suit their needs. The card is not perfect but its been through several drafts. Thats why we offer it in a Word document that you can revise or you can reformat to fit your card rack. We offer it also in a PDF file that you can easily read and print if you like it 'as is'. Printing the card on your own printer is easy and affordable for everyone.

The guest info card is the first step. When guests ask for more information, baptism, or indicate a willingness to 'draw closer to God', a home visit or 'face to face' of some type is in order within a few days. The best window of opportunity is closest to the day they attended your church. The pastor is not the only one who can make the first visit. Especially if there are many guests, it is better to involve lay members so that the guests have their needs met as soon as possible after their visit. Enjoy! Its Easter.... Christ is risen.

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