Board of Reference

Board of Reference

Takashi Yuguchi - Japan - Teacher, media professional and chairman of Tokyo Lutheran Center Church. Member of the advisory Bd of Tokyo Life Line. Served as country director and member of various regional Lutheran media organizations.

Melissa Salomon, J.D. - USA and MEXICO - Director, Lutheran Hour Ministries Mexico, Chair-LWML National Task Force Committee Chairman for Heart to Heart Sisters Outreach, Community Life Coordinator, Concordia Lutheran Church and School, Chula Vista, CA.

Kurt Sprenger - Germany - President of Life Media. Serves many churches and mission organizations in the field of international TV production and distribution.

Rev Jan Gaute Sirevag - Norway - hospital chaplain, local church leader,  and experienced national and international mission administrator

Phyllis Muhlenbruch Wallace - USA - Host of the nationally syndicated "Woman to Woman" talk-radio show, produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries and aired on 300 stations, XM radio and the web worldwide at  60% of the stations are secular. Show addresses women's issues from a Biblical perspective.  Heeding Acts 4:29, Phyllis seeks to bring dechurched women into a relationship with Christ and His church. Guests discuss challenges and how Christ brings healing, forgiveness and hope. 

Pastor Richard Mau - Australia - Director of Lutheran Media Ministries. Member of the Fund Raising Institute of Australia.

Ken Peterson, Mgstr. - Panama - Principal in Emanuel Communications.  Former Ministries Director for Lutheran Hour Ministries with broad communications, marketing and non-profit management experience worldwide. Serves as President of CPTLN-Panama

Rev Dr Samuel Frisou - Cameroon - Director of Lutheran Hour Ministries with experince serving as Pastor and church leader